Used with our Superflow Inflator, airbag inflation and deflation is effortless. AR & SE Dunnage airbags can even be repositioned in the void. Classified as Lightweight (Level 0 airbags, AR & SE airbags are made of 100% recyclable materials and have always been USA Made. Easy to install. Economical. Reusable. Recyclable. Load Capacity- Less than 45,000 lbs. Max PSI- 2.0 Modes of transport used- Truck, Intermodal

Zebra Paper Airbags

Available in Levels 1-4, Abrasion Resistant (AR) and Sewn End (SE), Zebra Paper airbags have patented Zebra Stripes to ensure airbags are properly installed and match specific voids. The Zebra’s Double End Fold (DEF) Level 1 airbag seams are glued using beads of adhesive glue. A special folding procedure is used on our Level 2-4 airbags, resulting in stronger end seams. with both Stock and Made to Order sizes.

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