Turbo Flow Plastic Inflator ( TF3000) Made of high impact plastic, the TurboFlow Plastic Inflator is tough and able withstand regular use in industrial environments. Turboflow-plastic-inflator-dunnage-air-bags-min Turbo Flow Metal Inflator ( HI1100) Made with rust resistant aluminum, the TurboFlow Metal Inflator has a heavy-duty and user-friendly design. The ergonomic trigger handle adds comfort for users during inflation. HI Inflator TF tip Turbo Flow Gauged Inflator ( TF2000) Shippers Products Turbo Flow Gauged Inflator is used in cases where an exact air pressure reading is needed. The easy to read gauge ensures PSI accuracy so the dunnage bag is inflated to the proper PSI every time. The ergonomic press down trigger, will not tire loaders hands. The long hose, allows users extra reach while inflating, and keeps users at a safer distance during inflation. Dunnage bag; Dunnage bags; Dunnage air bags; Dunnage air bag; Inflatable dunnage bags; Dunnage airbags; Dunnage airbag; Air dunnage bag; Dunnage; What is dunnage; load securement; inflator; inflators; dunnage airbag inflator; dunnage air bag inflator; dunnage air bags inflator; dunnage airbags inflator; dunnage airbag inflators; dunnage air bag inflators; dunnage air bags inflators; dunnage airbags inflators; inflator gun; inflator guns; dunnage airbag inflator gun; dunnage air bag inflator gun; dunnage air bags inflator gun; dunnage airbags inflator gun; dunnage airbag inflator guns; dunnage air bag inflator guns; dunnage air bags inflator guns; dunnage airbags inflator guns; Turboflow; turbo flow; Turboflow inflator; turbo flow inflator; turboflow inflator gun; turbo flow inflator gun; Used with our Lightweight Gorilla Polywoven Airbags and Hippo Square Airbags.

Turbo Flow™ Inflation System

Shippers Products Turbo Flow™ Inflation System’s offers unparalleled inflation speed and safety features that reduce inflation time and labor costs. Used primarily with our Big Foot Vinyl & Lightweight Gorilla Polywoven airbag lines, the Turbo Flow™ inflators offer a unique safety feature that prevents over-inflation. Once optimal pressure is achieved, the inflator ceases airflow which eliminates the risk of bursting bags.

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