Once an airbag is has reached its optimal pressure, air automatically diverts through the back of the inflator, indicating to the user, that the airbag has reached its optimal PSI. The industrial grade plastic body is built to withstand the wear and tear of a loading environment. Part Numbers SF1000- SuperFlow Inflator with Low Pressure Insert #1 SF2000- SuperFlow Inflator with High Pressure Insert #2

Super Flow™ Inflation System

Shippers Products Super Flow™ Inflation System’s revolutionary inflator fills airbags fast, lowering labor costs. Used primarily with our Zebra Lightweight Paper airbag line, the Super Flow™ inflator is designed with user safety in mind. By ceasing airflow once optimal pressure is achieved, the Super Flow™ Inflator minimizes the risk of airbags bursting during fill while providing a clear indication to operators of proper bag inflation.

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