The Forklift Inflator requires no airlines or air compressors to function. Simply flip the switch and fill dunnage air bags anytime, anywhere in seconds. Can be used on Lightweight airbags: Zebra Paper, Gorilla Polywoven, Big Foot Vinyl Significantly decreases load time Be truly mobile No air lines or air carts needed No recharging or downtime No dragging long air lines or air carts Runs off forklift battery power Forklift Inflator Specifications Max Pressure 1.5 PSI Hose Length- 15 ft Unit Weight- 7.5 lbs Part Numbers MA1000- Inflator with 15ft hose & attachment clip

Forklift Inflator

Introducing the newest dunnage air bag inflation technology, the Forklift Inflator. The Forklift Inflator is easily installed on any forklift and is powered by the forklift battery. Once installed, simply flip the switch to fill dunnage air bags anywhere inside a trailer or container.

This new inflation technology significantly decreases loading time and allows you to be as mobile as ever. No more dragging long air lines across the loading dock and no more connecting / disconnecting dunnage bag inflators.

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