The Big Foot inflates in record speed with our Turbo Flow Inflation System, and the airbag allows for easy inflation and deflation with a quick press and turn of the valve cross. Recyclable Fast Inflation Waterproof material Reuseable Specifications Load Capacity- less than 45,000lbs Max PSI- 1.5 Modes of Transportation– Truck, Sea Container

Big Foot Vinyl Airbags

Shippers Products Big Foot Vinyl Airbags provide the most coverage, even in the largest of voids, to lock your load in place. Big Foot Airbags are pliable, so they adhere to product, and take shape to odd configurations without damaging boxes. Since vinyl is naturally elastic, airbags can expand & contract with changes in altitude, preventing failure in over the mountain shipments. Although priced like a disposable airbag, it can be reused an average of 4 times.

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