The Autoflator is designed to work with our newest inflation system, the TX Valve. Traditional loading requires loaders to stay in place to hold down the airbag inflator trigger the entire time an airbag is inflating, which results in a loss of productivity. With the Autoflator, loaders can press the foot pedal to start the inflation process and walk away to resume other job duties until the airbag is inflated. The inflator will turn off automatically once the airbag has reached its optimal pressure so there are no worries of over inflation. With user safety in mind, the Autoflator allows users to inflate dunnage bags from a safe distance. Loaders can stand safely out of the zone of inflation, which increases safety at the dock. The unit operates on a clean/ dry compressed air source and requires no batteries.


Introducing our Mobile Air Series heavyweight air bag inflator, the Autoflator. The Autoflator allows users to be truly mobile while inflating Heavyweight Polywoven Airbags for Railcar loading.

The Autoflator:

- Optimizes dock safety - Increases loader productivity - Can be set to the desired pressure - Turns off automatically - Requires no batteries, recharging, or downtime

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